Family Office

The greater the wealth, the more crucial it is to scope out the complexities of a multi-generational and far-reaching family’s interests to make wealth easier to manage and therefore, easier to enjoy.

Partnering with your trusted advisers and wealth asset managers, ZEDRA offers the ultimate bespoke arrangement offering specialist coordination management to international ultra high-net worth families.

As the complexity of a family’s circumstances increase, our office of dedicated professionals will ensure you receive the appropriate, up-to-date and necessary services required to meet your expectations and for future succession planning.

Our services include:

  • Family governance advice
  • Centralised management or oversight of investments, tax planning, estate planning and philanthropic planning
  • Day-to-day administration and management of a family’s affairs
  • Lifestyle management
  • Complex Funds Structuring
  • Private, Umbrella Funds

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