Murjel Breedveld Jagesser

Director - Head of Corporate and Global Expansion Services

Murjel is a Dutch lawyer who draws on more than 16 years’ senior leadership experience for i.a. stock listed companies.

Murjel currently leads the corporate team at ZEDRA Luxembourg, as Head of Corporate and Global Expansion Services, and is a member of the senior management team.

Prior to joining ZEDRA, Murjel held senior positions and led the successful delivery of multi-jurisdictional initiatives in Amsterdam, Cape Town, New Delhi, São Paulo and Istanbul, before spending six years as legal counsel in Luxembourg.

Her knack for creating pragmatic strategies and solutions within complex commercial environments is matched only by her ability to secure growth and attract clientele. Murjel is a driven leader and possesses a unique cross-cultural understanding acquired from years spent working experience in company management, corporate governance and banking in the financial services industry, adapting to the client, company and role.

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