Eliza Mathon Ibrahimaj

Senior Relationship Manager

Eliza has almost twenty years of experience in the trust sector where she manages complex and international trust structures. Eliza is leading the strategic development of high-end families and businesses with a cross-functional approach implementing corporate governance and general management best practices.

Eliza has also experienced the banking and wealth management sector at the start of her career. She serves on the board of various Swiss investment holding and trading companies.

Eliza has a wealth of experience in working with international philanthropic organizations and non-profit entities. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by charitable initiatives around the world, she offers strategic guidance and support to effectively address social and humanitarian issues. Her dedication to fostering positive change has led to successful collaborations with various stakeholders, enabling impactful and sustainable philanthropic projects.

In addition to her philanthropic pursuits, Eliza possesses a profound understanding of the rapidly evolving landscape of digital finance. Her expertise spans across innovative financial technologies, digital payment systems, and blockchain applications. She is adept at harnessing digital tools and financial solutions to drive financial inclusion and promote accessible, secure, and efficient financial services.

With a remarkable track record of accomplishments and a forward-thinking approach Eliza plays an instrumental role in empowering our organization to meet the dynamic challenges of the global philanthropic and digital finance domains.

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