Andrew Riley

Client Manager, ZEDRA Governance

Andrew specialises in audit and assurance reporting for pension arrangements, professional trustees, pension administrators, and master trust authorisation, value for money and supervision requirements.

Andrew is a Governance Manager and independent accredited professional trustee who joined ZEDRA following the acquisition of AAA Trustee Limited and Trustee Matters Limited in November 2022.

Andrew is a client manager on pension arrangements and a support trustee for one pension scheme applying his pensions experience of over 30 years in all aspects from scheme management, governance, investments, and administration.

Andrew has worked with pension schemes of all sizes in the UK covering DB, hybrid, DC, GAAs, master trusts – both ongoing and in wind up – and wider FCA pension arrangement frameworks.

He is a chartered accountant, qualified APMI who also invests his time in voluntary assurance and pension groups at the ICAEW, PMI, and TPO.

Andrew is a thought leader on assurance and training as a member of the ICAEW assurance panel in respect of environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks, and operational controls.

He has a wide range of experience in identifying and managing risks, meeting compliance requirements, implementing and executing change management across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

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