AdvisEr Reviews

Weekly dealings with over 250 key scheme advisers means we have extensive relationships with the major UK pension advisory firms and their individual advisors. In addition, we work with many of the professional trustee firms and individuals. This gives us unprecedented access to industry innovation and inside knowledge of best-in-class service.

Annual Reviews

We impartially review the advisor or professional trustee’s performance against agreed objectives to ensure they are delivering the right service for a fair price.

Full Market Reviews

A full market review allows schemes to understand how the market has evolved since appointment along with a detailed analysis of the costs and value add. We prepare, facilitate, and run bespoke market reviews. We deliver real change to support scheme objectives. Our bespoke methodology allows trustees to focus on the important decisions rather than the heavy lifting of process management.

Transition Management

Our reviews don’t finish when the decision is made. If the scheme does move provider, we help to facilitate the transition process making the move as seamless as possible and ensuring the secure delivery of key scheme documents.


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