ZEDRA has been providing pre-eminent advice and support to thousands of clients over hundreds of years.

Most – if not all – of our clients come to us from word of mouth recommendation. Usually people will be recommended to us by friends, colleagues or their existing advisers such as wealth managers, lawyers, bankers, fund managers or pension trustees. And once they become clients, they rarely leave.

Rather than simply take our word for it, you can read what some of our clients have to say about us in their Testimonials and also read their own stories in our Case Studies.

We are always happy to put potential clients in touch with existing ones where appropriate, so let us know during your initial conversations with us if this is something which is important to you.

Our clients include:

Private Clients, Entrepreneurs and Family Offices

The greater the wealth, the more crucial it is to scope out the complexities of a multi-generational and far-reaching family’s interests to make wealth easier to manage and therefore easier to enjoy.

We offer an holistic view, being able to proactively cover anything from the administration of traditional diversified investments through to the establishment and running of corporate and trust structures, bespoke investments, or private funds for family members.

Partnering with your trusted advisers and wealth asset managers, ZEDRA is experienced in matching private clients’ requirements with the most appropriate and flexible solutions.

Whether you are looking for private wealth protection, estate planning, family business management, marine or aviation, or fund regimes to hold investments, our team of experts is on hand to relieve you of the burden of administering your affairs and provide unrivalled advice and expertise.

Companies and Executives 

We understand that businesses are built from the ground up. Wherever you are on your journey, ZEDRA’s specialists provide all the operational support you need to manage the essential components of your business – freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture.

From multinationals to small and medium sized businesses, we’ve got decades of experience working with clients across a range of industries, providing a one-stop-shop approach to corporates and fund promoters.

Corporate clients often come to us wanting to solve one problem or deal with one aspect of their affairs such as hiring in a new location, setting up an entity or handling an escrow transaction. However with wide ranging advice and solutions at your fingertips, we quickly find ourselves working with companies in a variety of ways. And we always work in harmony with their existing advisers and other important relationships.


From the initial onboarding and structuring of new investments to day to day administration and performance monitoring, we provide a full outsourcing solution to institutional investors seeking specialist expertise in alternative investments.

Whether you’re a pension fund operator, insurance company, family office, sovereign wealth fund or any other type of institutional investor, we ensure your investors get the timely, accurate and transparent reporting they expect.

Investment Clubs

We are proud to combine our industry knowledge with a private client service culture. ZEDRA is one of the few alternative fund administrators embracing entrepreneurs’ needs, looking to deploy their wealth in more dynamic, personalised ways. As an agile provider, we are highly efficient and can offer simplified access to the full scope of private wealth, corporate and fund service solutions, allowing clients and their advisors to liaise with a single contact  in any of our offices globally.

We provide the tools, transparency and reporting our clients need to manage complex and diversified portfolios of funds and managed accounts. This allows them to focus on analysing and selecting funds, rather than administration and reporting.

Pension Schemes and Sponsoring Employers

We work closely with our clients to deliver a pensions governance service that reflects their individual requirements and achieves good outcomes for scheme members and sponsoring employers.

The pension schemes we represent range in size – from less than £50 million to over £40 billion – and character: DB, DC, trust and contract-based, open, closed, and winding-up.

We work with sponsoring employers in the UK and across the globe, from a wide range of industries and sectors. These include multinationals, large quoted companies, private equity-backed and family-owned businesses, and charities and not-for-profit organisations.