By Yusra Sarkar

ZEDRA recently launched its Corporate Services business in the UK. As well as company formation and ongoing administration, our corporate solutions for UK entities include payroll, accounting, directorships and escrow services.

“Aside from using such structures for establishment or growth of UK operations for clients, we are increasingly seeing demand for UK companies and LLPs from entrepreneurs in many regions, including Asia, Africa and Latin America” comments David Inglesfield, Managing Director of ZEDRA’s London office.

He continues: “Given London has always been a major hub for international business, a UK entity can make a robust and well-respected vehicle for international trade.”

The UK has one of the world’s largest networks of Double Tax Agreements, having tax treaties in place with around 130 other countries. Given it also levies no withholding tax on dividends paid by UK companies, this means that a UK Holding company can be a very tax-efficient vehicle for international business.