By Tomás Alonso

Opportunities in the US

Just like many countries, last year was challenging for the US. While the global pandemic, travel bans and elections made front-page news, there was also good news. America’s tech companies did exceptionally well, and despite being rocked last spring, the stock market managed to rebound. With a new President and the Democrats back in power, what’s next for the US?

‘There continue to be many opportunities in the US. Generally speaking, we saw investor and foreign interest wane a little bit in 2020. That’s not because people weren’t interested in the US, but it was more a reflection of people waiting to see how COVID-19 and the 2020 elections would shape the economy. We’re now seeing an uptake in interest, particularly for corporate structures,’ says Tomas Alonso, Managing Director, ZEDRA Miami.

Miami is the 7th largest city in the US, and it enjoys status as one of the country’s centres of business, finance and international trade, aided by its sea and air links, and relative proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America. The city is home to prominent banks, law firms, service providers and investment managers, meaning it is also an attractive entry point into the US.

What next for the US?

President Biden was inaugurated in mid-January and has since then issued a record number of executive orders. President Biden’s manifesto was to ‘Build Back Better’ with a focus on equality, environment, health, youth and foreign policy. While there’s still uncertainty about how these might be enacted, there will undoubtedly be new growth areas and interesting investment opportunities.

‘Many people chose to pause plans in 2020 or decided to bide their time before carrying out plans, whether that was buying property, investing, restructuring or various business ventures. Now the elections and inauguration are behind us, and there’s the hope of a successful vaccination drive, we are seeing more people put their plans into action,’ adds Tomas.

Our corporate management services

The ZEDRA team offers corporate management services for US entities and some non-US structures from our office in Miami, depending on our clients’ needs. Our local team can also provide administrative, managerial and director services for US Domestic Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.

Because US Corporations generally only allow an individual to act as a manager, anyone setting up a corporate vehicle must have a depth of understanding about the role or a trusted partner who can step into the role.

Particularly in the context of having qualified professionals with demonstrable experience and understanding the legal requirements of the role, this is a big plus for our clients. They want to ensure their corporate structure is run correctly and all obligations are fulfilled, but equally, they may not have the experience and time to take that on. As managers or directors, we can handle that for them,’ explains Tomas.


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