By Yusra Sarkar

Since our inception, it’s been part of our core service offering to always ‘Do More. Achieve More.’ It’s not just a buzzword or slogan: it shapes every part of what we do for our clients, how we work, interact with colleagues and our attitudes to things like CSR, charity and the positive impact we want to have on the communities in which we operate.

At its most simple, and most important for our clients, ‘Do More. Achieve More’ is our promise to consistently work harder, go further and offer more to our clients and their advisors every time they interact with us.

Why? Because in a world where complexity is the norm, our clients need a partner who will always go above and beyond. Whatever is required of us, we do it with precision, speed, and with the warm approach our clients expect from us.

ZEDRA’s foundations are built on the mindset that going the extra mile is simply part of our standard service offering. In a world that’s more global and more impersonal than ever before, we are always striving to offer our clients, their advisors and our partners more value, more efficiency and a more customised service.

Our 500-strong team also has a deep sense of pride that comes with recognising that any time we are doing more, our clients are able to achieve more.

‘Do More. Achieve More.’ isn’t just about how we work with our clients and their partners. It’s an integral part of our company culture and translates to every aspect of how we go about our work. It signifies the way we approach interactions with our colleagues and how we aim to build our professional relationships. ‘Do More. Achieve More’ is our promise to each other to bring the best of our talents, expertise and dedication to work every day. More than being a motto, it’s also the foundation of why we believe ZEDRA is such a great place to work.

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