By Yusra Sarkar

ZEDRA’s Miami office has seen an increase in uptake of our new corporate management services after our services launched earlier this year. Our ability to offer services in the US underlines our ongoing commitment to providing the scope of services required to best serve our clients.

‘Both our clients and their advisors are looking for a service provider that can commit to setting up US structures quickly and efficiently,’ says Anabella Murillo, Associate Director, ZEDRA Miami. ‘Keeping a corporate entity in good standing is, naturally, a priority. We’re seeing more interest from clients and their advisors for our US Corporate services on the basis of our ability to meet these requirements,’ she adds.


Qualified Directors/Managers – US entities

ZEDRA can act as director for both US Domestic Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. In the case of LLC’s, a ZEDRA entity can act as a manager. For Corporations (which generally only allow individuals to act as directors), our local team of experts is qualified to take the position(s).


Highly experienced corporate directors  

While our clients may be US residents, they may not necessarily be familiar with the complex legal, tax and revelatory requirements that come with having an entity in the country. A service provider that can handle the ongoing administration and management of the vehicle to a high degree is a must. Similarly, highly experienced directors are a non-negotiable, especially as US Corporations only allow individuals to take directorships.

‘Practically, we’re seeing that both clients and their intermediaries want directors with a proven track record, industry expertise and who have a reputable brand behind them. Clients increasingly have the mindset that highly qualified directors are providing peace of mind about how their entity will be managed in the long-term, and our team of directors is able to support these requirements,’ says Anabella.


How we service corporate clients in the US

ZEDRA has always focused on supporting clients to ‘Do More. Achieve More.’ In a world which is increasingly complex and fast paced, our approach is always to set the bar high for client servicing, interactions agility and speed. Facilitating relationships and communication, working efficiently, and going the extra mile to support clients and advisors tackle any hurdles that arise is simply part of our day-to-day.

Likewise, ZEDRA’s international position is a benefit. ‘Many of our clients have international business interests. As part of a global service provider, the Miami team understand how these entities work in relation to larger and more complex structures, and we can provide excellent support in this respect,’ says Anabella.

For more information, please contact Anabella Murillo, Associate Director, ZEDRA Miami