As part of our fifth anniversary celebrations, we are delighted to unveil our new Heroes Work Here campaign!

As well as celebrating the true heroes behind the brand – ZEDRA’s employees – the Heroes Work Here campaign has also included clients and partners in its metaphor for life.

We chose to partner with World Heart Beat – recently awarded £800,000 by the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF) for a vibrant new music education centre and concert venue in Embassy Gardens, London to create a film which articulates ZEDRA’s soul and the entrepreneurial spirit which is a key component of ZEDRA’s DNA.

We also collaborated with a team of creatives at The Observatory in Jersey to produce the film.

We have partnered with World Heart Beat since February 2020 to offer young musicians access to tuition, performance opportunities and behind the scenes technical experience.

The ‘ZEDRA Talent Development Jazz Programme’ reflects the aim of both organisations to provide uniquely transformative opportunities to young people including the disadvantaged.

In the video, one highlight is that “every hero needs a partner” which is something both World Heart Beat and ZEDRA are passionate about. It illustrates our determination to support clients in their ambitions for a bright and secure future through its best service offering and global accountable team.

Ivo Hemelraad said: “We are launching the Heroes Work Here campaign to remind our employees and clients that, despite the acceleration of the digitisation of business, we still believe that the best advice comes from passionate and experienced people.

The depth and breadth of our expertise ensures we can support our clients emotionally, anticipating and servicing their every need to the highest standard. We are very proud of having accomplished so much, so fast.

These past five years have been an exciting journey alongside our clients and partners and we are eager to continue growing our business, all the while keeping our core values close to our heart. Accepting challenges by aiming high is one of them.”

Enjoy the film and watch this space for more on our #HeroesWorkHere campaign!