Cross-selling: A focus on relationships

03 Jul 2017

As ZEDRA continues to grow so too does its cross-selling opportunities. Over the past 18 months, ZEDRA has grown to 14 offices across 13 jurisdictions, it is no wonder then that opportunities to determine ways to serve clients is central to the firms’ success since a careful approach in ways to cross-sell results in very loyal clients.

Success for a firm and success for a client is all about being proactive, often negating the possibility of delivering additional expertise between offices and jurisdictions and then making sure to connect all the dots.

“We have a range of clients across our business who are involved in some complicated business situations which need careful managing,” says Ivo Hemelraad, ZEDRA Group Director Corporate Funds & Legal. “Finding the right solution for our clients is a matter of team work with individuals in various offices working together for the benefit of the client and for the good of the overall team. ZEDRA is all about fostering a ‘Do More. Achieve More.’ attitude.”

Each case is varied. Take one example of a Turkish client active in the energy industry in the Netherlands who needed a trust company in the UK for management, domiciliation and administration of a UK holding company. The ZEDRA London office worked with their Dutch colleagues to understand the clients’ needs and ultimately was successfully appointed.

Only recently, the ZEDRA Geneva office referred a client looking for trustee services for a South African based client on the Isle of Man.

As ZEDRA grows, so too does the opportunities to service clients needs as the team travels more to extensive parts of the globe safe in the knowledge that ZEDRA has significant market experience in Asia, Africa and so forth.

What is important to understand is that the cross-selling of services is actually not about the selling, but rather about the team being responsible for the good of the firm and for their colleagues’ interests.

“It really is a matter of being client-centred and doing what is best for the client,” concludes Ivo. “It is a requisite for ZEDRA to develop an insight in to the needs, wants and preferences of new and prospective clients to recognise how client requirements can be addressed.”