5 questions to Astrud Lotz, our Head of HR, on What does it mean to be a woman at ZEDRA?

By zedraadmin

What does it mean to be a woman at ZEDRA? 

Being a woman at ZEDRA means being a member of the majority. Our company is comprised of 60% females and 40% males with a healthy proportion of women on senior boards and directorships, providing a different perspective to the boards.

Our strapline #One Team #One Company not only refers to the company acting as a multi-geographic, multi-solutions group but also strongly echoes our inclusive and diverse company which is set in our core values.

We are devoted to building a great place to work for women, and more importantly, for employees of all backgrounds, experience and capability. By supporting and celebrating every ethnicity, thinking, style and more, we continue to AIM HIGH.

How hard is it for a woman to make it to the top at ZEDRA?

As former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said “Women belong in all places where decisions are being made… It shouldn’t be that women are the exception”.
All of our employees have equal rights, the same responsibilities and opportunities whether they are a man, woman or transgender, with or without families. The only real thing that matters when making it to the top is having the right skill sets and having just as many opportunities as anyone else, in addition to great personality of course!

How does ZEDRA create a supportive environment for women?

We have fair and consistent salary pay scales across all genders. Everyone has the same set of measures and we carry out an independent review of our overall remuneration offering ensuring fairness and consistency. The company has family friendly policies in place to support mothers and parents. ZEDRA as well supports flexible working practices, made available to all genders. Not to mention programmes in place like dependency leave to support working parents, carers etc.

What’s your International Women’s Day message?

Success can only come when women and men Do More together. We all have to play our part in ending all forms of discrimination which ultimately helps our own economic growth.  We need to strive to be #Oneteam no matter the religion, ethnicity or gender.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Challenge the status quo, don’t be afraid to dream big and never ever let anyone crush those dreams! We all deserve a place in this world so as a woman don’t feel you are not worthy or unable because of who you are.

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