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Located in the ‘heart of Europe’ and offering a ‘gateway to Europe’ in many ways, Luxembourg is – despite perhaps being a geographical dwarf between leading European countries and economies – an important global financial centre and hub for countless cross-border businesses and economic players. Spanning from European institutions over international banks, advisors and fund managers to institutional, corporate or private businesses, our Luxembourg office provides the bespoke solutions, expertise and professionalism that all types of economic players require in order to grow and sustain their businesses. Paired with modern infrastructure, security and a favourable legal and tax environment, Luxembourg boasts a high quality of life as well.
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11 Avenue de la Porte-Neuve

T: +352 22 11 90

The Zedra Luxembourg Team

Federigo Cannizzaro di Belmontino

Federigo Cannizzaro di Belmontino

Managing Director

E: Federigo.cannizzaro@zedra.com

Frank Walenta

Frank Walenta

Commercial Director

E: frank.walenta@zedra.com