ZEDRA is a global specialist in trust, corporate and fund services.

We have developed a flexible and efficient operational model which is implemented across the business – this secures the propriety of all our group business activities. Our Management Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of ZEDRA, as well as the future forward progression of our firm with respect to development of our strategies, services, solutions and the regulatory environment in which we operate.

Our Management Committee is made up of eight members of our most senior staff: ZEDRA’s CEO, Group Executive Chairman, Group Director Corporate Funds & Legal and Executive Director Corporate Solutions as well as the respective Heads of Human Resources, Finance, M&A, Investment Monitoring and Operations.

The committee is completed by the Managing Director of each of our offices. Such a combination gives us the opportunity to benefit from our senior staff’s individual aptitudes, knowledge of specific practise areas and their understanding of local client needs and requirements.

Our Statutory Supervisory Board is made up of our most senior members of ZEDRA’s staff and all of whom have more than twenty years experience fronting our sector in prominent roles. Their experience is complimented by highly knowledgeable, external board members who bring with them both a fresh perspective and profound business understanding.

ZEDRA is has a robust compliance culture and we are proud to apply our compliance procedures in a manner that is consistent with meeting and surpassing both our local and international obligations.

Confidentiality is fundamental to us, and is central to our service provision. We understand the need to protect our clients’ rights to privacy in conjunction with legislative data protection considerations and we undertake to take all actions necessary to safeguard confidentiality in line with appropriate regulations.

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