A Securitisation Vehicle (SV) is a flexible and tax neutral vehicle which acquires or takes on risks linked to claims, assets or obligations accepted by a third party by issuing transferable securities, whose value or yield depend on such a risk.

A securitisation operation consists of pooling financial assets with predictable cash flows or rights to future income streams is transferred from an originating company (the “Originator”) to a “Special Purpose Vehicle” (the “SPV”). The SPV subsequently transforms the assets into securities and transfers the securities to investors.

A securitisation transaction can be related to movable or immovable assets, future or present claims, shares, subordinated or non-subordinated bonds, or any type of assets with a real value or future income.

In order to mitigate the risk of consolidation and ensures that it is operationally distinct from the originator, shares of the SVP are often held by a Trustee on a Purpose Trust or by a Dutch Foundation.

Our services include:

  • Set up of the SPV in the appropriate jurisdiction
  • Domiciliation
  • Management
  • Accounting services including NAV calculation
  • Reporting services
  • Tax compliance in line with local requirements.