Private Funds

Matching private clients requirements with the most flexible funds regimes has produced an array of structure solutions from ‘simple funds’ to ‘investment club’.

These offerings can be tailored for small groups from a family office to a collection of sophisticate co-investors; they bring the value of independent documented oversight within a lighter touch regulatory environment and can have tax mitigation as well estate planning advantages. Having your own fund is simpler than many think.

One of our unique and tailor solutions that have both certainty around the asset ownership as well as tax planning is a Protected Cell Company (PCC).

This special type of structure has the potential to bring both economies of scale to investment managers’ initial fund launches, while also having attractive tax benefits to the end investors.

The management of the PCC is vested in the Directors of the PCC who are all senior local employees of the ZEDRA group.

ZEDRA Fund Managers team provide a full administration service to the PCC.

Services to underlying investment vehicles can also be provided by the ZEDRA group.

Private Funds product sheet